The Exorcism May Never Be Completed. If So, The Nigger Will Never Die

Juliette Harris and Hermine Pinson

Despite the advancement of colored people, the nigger continues to rear its three (or more) heads:

The grotesque head, most notably, recently, on the University of Oklahoma frat bus.

The paradoxical head in pop culture; rap music, in particular. 

The sarcastic head in African American visual art.

The_________ (fill in the blank).

The nigger head deep in all our heads. 

African American visual artists have probed a “nigger” concept burrowed so deep in the American collective consciousness that it may never be completely expunged unless we become a totally racially amalgamated people — obliterate every trace of "otherness."  

Most African American artists create nigger imagery as a form of satire or protest — for example, painter Robert Colescott’s coon caricatures, Camille Billops’ "Minstrel" series; bead artist Joyce Scott's "Nanny Now and Nigger Later" series and Nigger Lips neckace; and Michael Ray Charles’ and Kara Walker’s career body of work.  

Commenting on the nigger in the psyche shufflin' down to the nigger in African American visual art in the mid-to-late 1990s, cultural critic Henry Louis Gates, Jr. told IRAAA that the artists dealing with this subject were performing "a profound act of artistic of exorcism":

In drawing upon this peculiarly American repertoire of debased, racist images — the artists are seeking to liberate both the tradition of the representation of the black in popular and high art forms and to liberate our people from residual, debilitating effects that the proliferation of those images undoubtedly has had upon the collective unconscious of the African American people and indeed upon our artists themselves and their modes of representation.  

For artistic tradition to evolve beyond realism to the meta-level of self-consciousness, political and formalistic commentary is a sign of sophistication, self-confidence, self-awareness and control. In the work of these sublime artists, the black object has become the black subject in a profound act of artistic exorcism.  (“Extreme Times Call for Extreme Heroes,” IRAAA, v. 14, no. 3, 1997)

The most immediate artistic tradition that these artists were evolving beyond was the "positive black imagery" mandate of the black arts movement. When the black arts leaders were born, the bug eye, burr head nigga was still popping up in society and boring holes like swiss cheese into their psyches. Their "positive black images," beginning in the 1960s, were the antidote.

Contemporary African American artists could signify all dey want, including to make negative black images the antidote to the "positive black imagery" stranglehold. The white art establishment could then slip out from the strictures of multicultural etiquette.  Political incorrectness became transgressive chic and the nigger head grinned with tongue in cheek.  

Niggerisms in rap and black humor

are creative and hackneyed,

amusing and irritating,

affectionate and self-denigrating,

explosive and cathartic,

Lips 2 Too Sammi Women Sandal Too Natural Dress and will continue as long as there is a nigger in consciousness to exorcise.

And continue as long as nigga profiteers like Sony and Universal Music corporations through lyricists and performers like Noel Fisher, Nicki Minaj, Kemion Cooks and Maurice Brown make bank. Covers of their nigger rant are shown below. The rant video uses nigga behavior to call out niggaz. Who wins? Niggaz and their masters. Coon music launched the American popular music industry of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and sustains it today.

And in continuing for so long, maybe the denigration will be worn so thin from "nigga" that all that remains will be the affectionate connotation that black men gave it.

Here's Hermine Pinson’s nigger rant provoked by the nigger chants of members of the University of Oklahoma’s now defunct chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Nigger Rant

"Nigger, Nigger, never die, black face and shiny eye!"

Nigger continues to be a charged word which people of all colors and ethnic persuasion invoke for myriad reasons.    

Look at Harryette Mullen's Sleeping With the Dictionary. In it she has a poem, “Denigration,” that deconstructs the etymology of "Negro" phobia  and some of the "neg" "nig" roots of words:  “niggling,”  “niggardly,” “enigma”,” etc. "Niggas" show they a**, a la Kara Walker's "subtlety."  They make coon faces and wave their hands in the air, like they just don't care; they break bad  like Stagger Lee and James Brown and go to jail, they f*** 'em, fool 'em and forget 'em; they huddle together in ghettoes or stride into the suburbs, but they never  distract you from the root of things, the river of things, the "Niger" of things.

How do you separate the word, despite its denigration from the mother-word that birthed offspring that have traveled across the earth, by land by sea by air: Negro in Madrid; Noir in Paris; Neger in Berlin; ¥¥¥¥ in Chinese (the author's Chinese symbols don't show in this format —ed.);Negro, nigger, nigga, nigra in the good old US;  Kaffir, coon, tar baby, darky, jigaboo, shine, shinola, spade, spook, splib, sambo, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger. Paul Mooney washes his face and brushes his teeth with it. We are figuratively awash in a word that connotes “friend”;  “foe”; "nasty"; "low-down"; "evil"; "dark"; "backward" ;"bestial"; "lynchable," as transformative and regenerative as the one who has a mouth like an elephant.

O "Nigger, nigger never die!"

Ralph Ellison's kinky-headed negrobilia bank held its black hand out and opened its red too-wide mouth when you put a penny in, swallowed the money and kept grinnin'. To quote Tyehimba Jess, "Oh Lawdy, pick a bail of cotton!"  What we gon' do?  "Nigger, Nigger, never die, black face and shiny eye!"  And, after all, we should hope not. "We  beautiful and we ugly, too."  At least that's what Langston Hughes said, sort of.  

This energy cannot be explained rationally, because it lives and thrives in the subconscious, as surely as the underground railroad carried black folks to freedom, or at least away from one master, if not to another.

We lay dreaming by the banks of the Niger river before we knew we could cross the Sahara. 

But is nigger/nigga/niggaz any different finally from spic, honky, wop, chink, sand nigger, gook?" I don't know the answer except the folks who are called "spic" etc. usually don’t call themselves by those names, even affectionately. But maybe nigga self-exorcism be the opposite of its opposite. Hmmmmm, this all do get complicated.

But I say always go back to the root, and you know, black folks, roots will tell.   

Hermine Pinson is a professor of English and Africana studies at the College of William and Mary.

Answer to question in top, right image caption: The vintage ad is real, not by contemporary artist Athena Alexander Black Athena Alexander Athena Alexander 5qcWH0.

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